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Investing in Real Change

Thank you to those who have invested funds and time to make the Riverton Peace Mission (RPM) what we are today. This month, we reflect on our 4th anniversary of when launching RPM at the annual Riverton Peace March. We had little thought then about what it might become, simply aware that more was needed than marches for change to happen. RPM has now budded into an organization making a difference. As we come into full bloom, RPM’s base of power through community organizing grows, the voices of Indigenous people of the Wind River to protect tribal sovereignty expands, and increased understanding from aspiring allies helps to shift the scales of justice towards community harmony. The challenges have been great and will continue to be. Change does not come easily. Steps forward often stirs up backlash. But a definite shift is happening, and RPM can take credit for it, even if sometimes only like the pebble tossed into still water creates ripples reaching the shore. Your investments with RPM have led to these plans for significant impacts.

  • Next week RPM will announce a new position for a full-time executive director/organizer whose role will include leadership development. Until now, RPM has been mostly a volunteer effort. This will not end the need for volunteers but will expand opportunities for community engagement and stronger leadership.

  • Housing will be our number one focus. While no one issue is in isolation, as matters of poverty and well-being intersect, housing is central. In August we will launch a community survey to identify what the housing concerns are in the community to help us develop a plan.

RPM’s success requires people like you to continue to invest in RPM’s future. One way to invest in RPM is through WyoGives Day this Wednesday, July 12th beginning at midnight and continuing for 24 hours. Giving what you can afford not only helps us, but it shows the broader community that you approve of the good work that RPM is doing. Please show your support with your investment in RPM.

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