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Cold Weather Is Here

It’s December! The days are shorter. Riverton has had below zero temperatures nearly every day this week. Travel is hazardous from the record snowfall of nearly two feet within 24 hours. Stress abounds ranging from keeping outdoor pets safe, college students going through finals week, upcoming holidays, shoveling to get out, health concerns, and increased household costs. With the cold weather, many here are working hard to assure that all our neighbors in our community will be safe and warm. Wind River Family and Community Health Care, known by many as Wind River Cares, recently opened a warming hut at 789 Smokeshop and Casino a couple of miles outside of Riverton. Volunteers with the mobile soup kitchen Good Portions is doing its best to provide a hot meal each week in the parking lot at the Family Dollar store. The newly formed Riverton Rescue Mission is raising funds to demonstrate support for a shelter program in Riverton that will welcome everyone without judgment. A group of stakeholders met to plan for much needed food pantries on the reservation. Folks are donating blankets, sleeping bags, coats, caps, mittens, and socks to help keep people warm. Salvation Army bellringers are raising dollars for emergency aid at the Riverton Help Center. Working hard together for the community makes more impact. This is how we help to make that happen:

  • Increasing community engagement.

  • Promoting indigenous leadership to address the needs.

  • Educating aspiring allies.

Thank you! RPM

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