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Support the Riverton Rescue Mission

The Riverton Rescue Mission needs to raise $25,000 start-up costs to demonstrate that not only does Riverton need a shelter, but that we want one! Let’s demonstrate that we want our unhoused neighbors, mostly Indigenous people, to have a welcoming place to go.

We are at this point because in March of this year, the Riverton Peace Mission, with financial support from the Bargain Box Ministry at Christ Episcopal Church in Cody, hosted a Summit for Our Unhoused Neighbors where need for a shelter in Riverton was identified and a task force was created leading to the creation of the Riverton Rescue Mission.

The Riverton Rescue Mission has partnered with the Wyoming Rescue Mission based in Casper that has provided services for 45 years. They have agreed to develop a “come as you are” shelter with the goal of no more deaths from hypothermia and for the guests to be safe, to find jobs and to heal.  The work can begin once we raise $25,000 to demonstrate that we are serious about wanting a shelter in Riverton. 

Here’s how you can help. Send a check in any amount to the Riverton Peace Mission, PO Box 255, Riverton WY 82501 and put Riverton Shelter in the memo line. All donations will go towards reaching the $25,000 goal for the start up funds.  (RPM has 501(c)(3) status.)


What do Dolly Parton and Chesie Lee have in common other than being close to the same age and being white women? The answer: They both support the Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive now under way. Chesie was not there at the Dallas Cowboy game at halftime November 23rd to kick off the drive, but she is going to Smiths Grocery in Riverton for shifts to ring the bell to get donations where 90% of the funds go to the Riverton Help Center for emergency assistance. Over 75% of their clients are Native Americans. 


Some of the words and phrases heard during last Thursday’s Zoom Event about what is meant by RPM’s tag line, “Towards Community Harmony:” Mutual respect. Relationship building. Selflessness. Healing. Liberation. Listening. Being heard. Well-being for everyone. Can disagree while being agreeable. Working together. Embracing diversity. Friendly. Caring about each other. Responsibility not to cause harm. Forgiveness. Servant to the community. Unconditional love. Empathy. Differences accepted. Being safe. Knowing our past and connecting it with the present and the future. Honored for how much you give rather than how much you accumulate. Accountability. Without fear or trepidation. 

Thanks to all who participated!

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