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About the Riverton Peace Mission...

The Riverton Peace Mission (RPM) was co-founded in July of 2019 at the 5th Annual Riverton Peace March in Riverton, Wyoming, which commemorated the shooting of two Northern Arapaho by a white, city employee at a local detox center - the Center of Hope. Understanding that more needed to be done, Ron Howard, a Northern Arapaho teacher, and Chesie Lee, a white, retired director of the Wyoming Association of Churches, established RPM as an active organization, working toward greater harmony between the the Native American community and non-Natives in the Riverton area. 

The Riverton Peace Mission seeks to decolonize and change historical narratives that promote racism and a lack of respect for Native American people and their tribal sovereignty, particularly in towns bordering Indian reservations (such as Riverton). 

RPM'S 5 Year Goals

  1. For the City of Riverton to address institutional racism through:

    • Data collection for documentation,

    • Reform in policing and other policies,

    • Training of officials and staff, and

    • Allocation of needed resources.

  2. Advocate successfully for the needs of the unhoused.

  3. Alcoholism be treated as a disease, not a crime; to decriminalize public intoxication.

  4. Increased voter turnout in Fremont County among Native people.

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Other RPM programs and initiatives have included:

  • Promoting an inquest following the killing of Andy Antelope by a Riverton police officer in September of 2019 and assisting his family in achieving justice

  • hosting a Community Healing & Talking Circle at Central Wyoming College

  • Raising $36,000 for COVID-19 relief for the Wind River Indian Reservation (WRIR) in Wyoming

  • Leading the formation of the Wind River Justice Pod that meets monthly and has developed 4 campaigns

  • The annual Riverton Peace March

  • Virtual Healing Talking Circles

  • QuadW Missional Internship funded program for 4 Native American youth

  • A virtual event on health disparities on the WRIR

  • The annual “Justice for Andy” March

  • A "People's Theater Inquest" a mock inquest hearing into the police shooting of Andy Antelope

  • A virtual event on policing policies

  • A virtual event honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

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