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To Be or Not to Be Woke?

“Woke” is a term born out of the Black Lives Matter movement to describe someone who recognizes racism and injustices that racism causes. In 2020 when millions in the world viewed George Floyd being put to death, many more became “woke” if not “re-woke” to counter a belief that racism was in the past.

Now comes a backlash associating being “woke” as bad, linking being “woke” with being anti-American. Really? Being anti-racist is bad? Being “woke” should be a label worn with honor. To attack those who are “woke” is to support “Keeping America Racist.” Redefining “woke” as being evil is itself evil.

This post-Easter and Passover season, we who are “woke” must not hide or go underground. More than ever, we need to speak up and unite against racism. This does not mean that we call other people racists who see themselves as good people, but it does mean that we educate ourselves and others about how systems work to deny some to equitable access to wealth and health and to safety and survival.

Be “woke;” be proud. Support the Riverton Peace Mission. Join the challenge to bordertown racism towards those whose land we stole and who still suffer from MMIP (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons) not being taken seriously enough by authorities.

Check out events coming soon. Even if you do not live in Fremont County, you may join the online events simply by registering. If you can, join us in person for the MMIP March in Riverton on May 6th.

Fear not. Be humble. Have faith. Be bold. Build relationships. Do justice.

Chesie Lee

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