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Taking the Trouble to Vote

Last Friday I voted in Wyoming’s General Elections. I took advantage of the Early Voting opportunity, so that I can be available to give others rides to the polls on November 8th as needed. I hope that everyone who has the right to vote, learns about the candidates and the issues, and takes the trouble to vote.

Voting was central to my family culture growing up, and so I would never even think of not voting. But I know that is not the case for many, especially for the oppressed where voter suppression was successful in discouraging voting. As a result, they lost their voices. Now, more than ever, is the time for those voices to be heard through the ballot box.

Some claim that their vote does not matter. That is sad to hear, because every vote does matter. Many elections are won by only a few votes. But even if my preferred candidates do not win, at least I have had my say. It’s also a way to express my gratitude for those who run for office.

I have a favor to ask. If you are reading this and have already voted, reply to let me know, so I can thank you.

If you have not voted yet, please commit that you will vote on or before November 8th. This will assure me that caring people are taking the trouble to vote in 2022. Your vote matters. I ask that you plan now how, when and where you will vote. Find a ride if you will need one. Take identification. If you are voting by mail, mail your ballot soon to make sure it arrives in time to be counted. If you are not registered, in Wyoming you may register at the polls on Election Day. For more information, click here.

Next, encourage others to vote and ask them how you can help them to become a voter. My Dad did that for me the first time I voted. Friends don’t let friends not vote!

Fear not. Be humble. Have faith. Be bold. Build relationships. Do justice.

Chesie Lee

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