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Introducing Yufna Soldier Wolf, Our New Executive Director

Tous beisiihi' neito'eino'! Greetings to all my relatives!

My name is Yufna Soldier Wolf. I am a 2022 graduate of the Indigenous Peoples Law Program at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. My parents are Mark and Florita Soldier Wolf. I grew up here on the Wind River Reservation, graduated from St. Stephens Indian School, and then went on to graduate at various other Universities. I went to school most of my young adult life and then moved home to start a family while I worked for the Northern Arapaho Tribe. I then decided to finish a degree I wanted for quite a while, which was for Federal Indian Law. I have been hired by the Riverton Peace Mission and want to meet the goals/priorities of Indigenous people in our communities of creating a healthy environment for our people, bridging gaps in tribal perspectives as far as being proud of who we are, and understanding what we contribute to society as tribal people. I have lobbied at the state and in D.C. I bring with me partnerships, contacts, and collaborations that were built off trust and respect.

In being hired as the Executive Director, I love the idea of RPM becoming an Indigenous led organization. I feel that the name should reflect that. I also feel that there is much work ahead of us. I look forward to collaborating and working within our diverse Indigenous community; working on relationship building and overall being proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I look forward to growing our Indigenous and non-Indigenous community in shared values and perspectives. This will take time but is vital as we build a foundation we can all work from. I look forward to seeing how we can work together in the future!

Hohou! Nohuusoho'. Thank you!

Yufna Soldier Wolf

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