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Advances in Leadership for RPM

Congratulations and thanks to Leslie Spoonhunter who has stepped up to be Co-Chair with Allison Sage for the Board of Directors of the Riverton Peace Mission (RPM). Leslie’s and Allison’s leadership comes at a crucial time for RPM’s future. Leslie now leads two of RPM’s projects: follow-up to the Summit for Our Unhoused Neighbors and increasing community engagement for Native Americans living in Fremont County.

Allison is leading another two of RPM’s projects: working with the City of Riverton to address institutional racism, especially in policing, and to decriminalize public intoxication. These projects are timely with the new Riverton Chief of Police, Eric Hurtado, starting this past week. Allison is a good spokesman for RPM. He spoke at a recent meeting in Riverton where a man told Allison that he learned more about the Wind River Indian Reservation from Allison’s presentation in 20 minutes than he had learned in the past 10 years he had lived in Riverton.

Nicole Wagon continues to serve on RPM’s board and provides leadership for the MMIP (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons) issue. She is leading plans for the annual MMIP march on May 6th in Riverton (More information coming soon), and she will discuss MMIP at RPM’s May 4th Zoom event. (See sidebar to register as well as other activities of interest coming up.)

I have agreed to serve as secretary-treasurer and to continue other administrative responsibilities until RPM hires an executive director, another 2023 goal. RPM plans to expand its board and invites interested people to apply who have the commitment to serve. To apply, send an email to, put “Interest in RPM Board” on the subject line, and include a resume with your qualifications and a brief paragraph about why you are interested. At RPM’s board meeting on May 2nd, applications will be reviewed.

RPM needs your financial support now more than ever as we expand our work! Please donate what you can afford to help us with our key projects and with expanding our leadership.

Fear not. Be humble. Have faith. Be bold. Build relationships. Do justice.

Chesie Lee

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