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Justice 4 Andy Antelope

On September 21, 2019, Andy Antelope was sitting at a picnic table outside Walmart, enjoying a brat he’d purchased at a veterans’ fundraiser trailer. 


Then a police officer showed up.


7 minutes and 14 seconds later, Andy was dead. 


Our community deserves to know more.


A volunteer at the veterans’ fundraiser told the officer that Andy wasn’t causing problems — and to leave him alone. 


Andy, who was disabled and intoxicated, asked the officer to take him to the hospital. 


When the officer tried to arrest Andy and Andy resisted, the officer did not deescalate the situation. 


He did not call for back-up or for medical assistance. 


Instead, he restrained Andy by the wrist and shot him in the head.


A witness said the shooting was not necessary.


We need answers. 


  • Why was the Fremont County Coroner’s 2019 request for an inquest blocked by the Fremont County Attorney and the Riverton Police Department?

  • Should the officer who shot Andy Antelope still be in his position? Should he have been promoted?

  • Were there not less lethal alternatives?

  • Why don’t the Riverton Police use body and vehicle cameras?

Learn more about the story of Andy Antelope's death.


Watch the video of the People's Theater Inquest

Held August 13, 2021 at CWC in Riverton. 

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