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Native Americans have a VOICE in Wyoming's elections and the political processes!

"I am voting because..."

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"It's my right."

"We need a change everywhere."

"I would like to make a change for the residents of Arapahoe."

"It will be my first time having some type of voice in something that has to do with government"

"It's my duty."

"I care about our future!"

"It is important to use our voice."

"Native people need to be heard!"

"My vote matters."

"I am of age to vote and want the experience."

"Not enough people take advantage of this right."

"Because I have the right to."

"My voice is important."

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Leslie Spoonhunter

Tous (Hello)! My name is Leslie Spoonhunter. I am Northern Arapaho from the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, born & raised. I am the Chef & Business Owner of Goose’s Kitchen, LLC- a catering service as well as breakfast & lunch service within my community. I hold a culinary degree as well as an associates degree in business operations. I’ve always had a passion for cooking & feeding people for as long as I can remember. One of my culinary accomplishments is, last year, I was a contestant in the Worldwide FavChef Competition by the magazine-Bon Appétit. I made it all the way through the 5th round of competition/voting and ended each week in 1st place. I ended up placing 2nd in my group in the semi-finals. My name reached many in the chef world, and it was truly an amazing experience!

     I am a woman of many hats!! But foremost I am a mother of four amazing children-Roxanne, Raquel, Ayden & EJ. This is all for them, everything!! They are the reason I sit on my local school board, I’ve been seated as the board chair the last two years. This is my second term on the board. So with that, my children know that education is important. I’m also a member of our school’s JOM-IEC Parent Committee, where I volunteer many hours. I have just been engaged with the Food Bank of Wyoming along with other community members to launch the PhotoVoice Campaign-describing where locals get their food & how important it is to us. I’m very excited about this forthcoming project. Last but certainly not least, I am one of 4 organizers on the Native American Voter Project. I have a true passion for voting & spreading the word about how important voting is.


Chef Leslie Spoonhunter



Mercedes Harris

My name is Mercedes Harris, I am the daughter to April Goggles and the granddaughter to Owen and Wilma Goggles. I am a mother to three boys ages five, four, and two. I was born in Spokane, Washington but raised here in Riverton, Wyoming since the age of four. I am enrolled with the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington State and  am also part Northern Arapaho from my mother and paternal grandfather. I am a stay at home mother for my two year old. I haven't always been a stay at home mother, I recently worked as a youth mentor for White Buffalo Youth Prevention. I was and still am passionate about teaching our youth of all ages and all backgrounds about respect, a brief part of our history, our culture, and living a drug and alcohol free life. I also feel to adequately do this it needs to start at home as well.


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